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  • Current Version: 2.302.142541
  • Updated: August 10, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 50,000,000 - 100,000,000



Welcome to the world’s largest social platform for play. Every month, over 55 million players imagine, build, and play together within immersive 3D worlds. Everything in Roblox is user-generated. Our growing community of 1.7 million creators produce millions of unique 3D multiplayer experiences using Roblox Studio - our intuitive desktop design tool. It’s the reason we’re called “The Imagination Platform.”


Players can create the ultimate theme park, compete as a professional race car driver, star in a fashion show, become a superhero, or simply build a dream home and hang out with friends. In this safe and moderated environment, imagination rules supreme.


Hang out with your friends and millions of other virtual explorers across computers, mobile devices, tablets, consoles, and VR in a wide variety of social games.


Take on a new persona and dress up your avatar with thousands of different hats, shirts, faces, gear, and much, much more!


Connect with your friends online with in-game chat features, private messages, and groups!


Roblox is free-to-play with optional in-app purchases.

Roblox is free to download and install, but players can also use real money to purchase Robux (our virtual currency on Roblox) to spend on in-game upgrades or accessories for their avatar. Players can also purchase an optional “Builders Club” membership, which provides extra privileges and a daily Robux stipend (tap the “More” tab at the bottom of the screen in the app, and then “Builders Club” to learn more).

A network connection is required to play. Roblox games work best over Wi-Fi.

Login to your existing Roblox account and play on the go!





2,288,803 total
5 1,776,517 
4 164,359 
3 106,660 
2 47,178 
1 194,089 

    Dennis Lee Published date: August 13, 2017

    Ok what happened? I was able to play roblox before on my phone and computer and suddenly i joined a game, i couldnt move or do anything bu it saw everything thats happening. I tried again on a different game, same thing and this was all caused by the new update. Everyone else seem to be fine and able to play the game but not me and some of my friends. My devices are fine. Its the game itself. Please fix this! Full Review

    Okikola 11 Published date: August 14, 2017

    This is a very good game. But my two complaints are that there are too many hashtags and also how is this powering imagination if you don't give the players some currency to start with. Then that would make their imagination run wild. Also add things that you could do to get more currency. I love this game but roblox needs to make kids imagination run wild with customization to make imaginative characters that they play as. This would be so much better with these things. If roblox would only add these... 😔😖🙁😞please roblox #poweringimagination Full Review

    Cole Couey Published date: August 15, 2017

    It is a awesome, one of a time game that is flalless and much to do and so much to play.also how come u can only have 200 frends. Can u have a a 1000 pleas.u could also have a way to oganise frends like having a abc line that if u have a frend with a name like bobboison1999 that u go to the b and all the peopel with a b as the first leter in there name there there. Thats all. The game is still awesome thoe. 100 out of 10 Full Review

    Angel Visitacion Published date: August 10, 2017

    I like the games very enjoyable, but very addictive though. It usually distracts me from school. Also when I play I see so many ODers (onlone daters) all around the games! Also so many people bully other players for not having robux which is wrong. Also even when I report those type of players they should be deleted or banned. Instead, they don't get banned and they date/bully more people. (ROBLOX please change this.) I have experienced some other players trying to date me at ROBLOX which is very WRONG. But anyways, ROBLOX, can you crete Roblox better by making us play with it offline too? Thanks! :) Full Review

    Crystalgaming 12 Published date: August 13, 2017

    Ok there is a few things I want to say I play Boys and girls Dance club Alot with my sister And pretend we are singers but are roleplay is normally interrupted by Oders/Daters I can report this But I never see anything happen to them. I never used them But alot of my friends want tix back so I would really appreciate it if I added them back. This is my favourite game I ever played but if there was a way to earn robux I would love to know and if there isn't could u please add that as well thanks. Thank u so much for creating this I love the game and I hope I it never gets shutdown Full Review

    Shay Harvey-shaw Published date: August 15, 2017

    IT IS AN AMAZING GAME. I am litteraly addicted to it. It is kid friendly. For me it is a tie between this game and my little pony village for best game. BTW if u get this game u have to play meep city, pizza place, murder mystery 2 and lots of obbys (obstical courses) this is an EPIC game. Full Review

    Spicy Meme B0i Published date: August 12, 2017

    So, overlooking the whole pay to win kinda thing with robux, ROBLOX is a pretty sound game. I have been able to have fun in countless SCP games and more of the mainstream games like design it and apocalypse rising. I've been able to see peoples ideas and creations. So I give it a four because being of a slightly more mature age for the average ROBLOX player some people put me off certain things. Its majorily pay to win (robux are everything and only get them via paying). Full Review

    CathyThe Wolf Published date: August 15, 2017

    Its awesome! But I get bullied and get included when mu friends get bullied and btw one time this MoldyKelly469 guy HE STOLE MY ROBUX but i got it back and never heard from him again so dont mess with me =3 #ToiletPaperIsToiletWorld ~Cathy Full Review

    Tucker Anderson Published date: August 10, 2017

    Roblox is a great game, don't get me wrong. But they made a mobile port. With so much games containing extra controls, intentionally being designed for the computer platform, and the fact that mobile is just plain laggy, Roblox for mobile devices is the worst idea in the world. If you want to have fun playing roblox, grab your computer, make a free account, and buy the game for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee also robux is overpriced but plz don't be a baconhair ok bye (moo) Full Review

    Georgina Kennedy Published date: August 15, 2017

    It is a great game, but whenever I play any game it disconnects me or freezes and in most games it is very laggy which is annoying. I absolutely love Roblox but you should make the robux a little cheaper because it has gotten more expensive. It is not just me or my device that is laggy my sister and some of my friends experience lag. Thank you in advance 😀 Full Review

    Published date: August 14, 2017

    Roblox has been my favourite game since early 2014. I lost my account due to hacking not long after making it (used like $100) I just moved on but overall ROBLOX is just, the best game ever. Thanks ROBLOX Corp for this amazing game! Full Review

    Arsalan Siddiqui Published date: August 14, 2017

    This is nice but it gets glitch sometimes and it's good. My favourite is meep city more than others because we can choose the kind of avatar we want. I hate high school game because the players are very mean in there but in meep city more friend can be easily made. Good game. 👌👌👍👍 Full Review

    ander Clarke Published date: August 11, 2017

    It glitches. Does not work right on tablets but does on computers play this game on computer you can try on tablet but some games will not work right heck some games will not even come up so that it my opinion on this game😇😊😎💩💩💩 Full Review

    Fire DragonKiller Published date: August 14, 2017

    Roblox is a good game. However,I don't think that Roblox is good on mobile too. 99% of the games I played lagged more than 7 times within 3 mins and the limited controls in mobile causes people in mobile to have lesser fun in playing games than on PC. Overall,Roblox games are good. But if you want to play Roblox,play using a PC as Roblox just isn't for mobile. Full Review

    Star Games Gamer Published date: August 15, 2017

    I don't think roblox deserves a 5. They have been doing these really stupid updates that aren't enjoyable. I give it a 4 but if you're a kid like me then you'll have fun! But I can't say people won't try to troll or bully you. Only another kid would do that tho. No adult would... SO COME JOIN! Full Review

    I am CRUGLY ;-; Published date: August 13, 2017

    When I was playing an obby it was glitching and it wouldn't stop until it froze my phone I had to wait until my phone died completely. Other than that when it wasn't glitching out I was good. And if you fix the glitching and freezing I'll rate it 5 stars because it is a really good game to play, but I still think its better on the computer. Full Review

    Samantha Sedavia Published date: August 14, 2017

    Pls. Fix it so it can work in asus zenfone 5 I downloaded it more than 3 times but every time I try to load a game it always crashes. Pls fix the app and also the website its just getting irritating. I love roblox but with this bugs I can't enjoy it, hell I can't even play it anymore Full Review

    Unreliable Published date: August 14, 2017

    Roblox.. your game isn't all that great. We all know why you don't ban Oders mate. It's because they spend money to get robux, so you're getting cash from them and not banning them. You banned people when they were following your rules... If Oders break the rules, we'll break the rules.... Full Review

    TheGamersVenture 25 Published date: August 14, 2017

    Roblox is actually pretty great.. but why it's not popular as Minecraft? Minecraft is an offline game, which mean a lot of people's will play it. The 3D graphic is superior, the control in the mobile version is not too great... Gameplay... AWESOME! I just love this game.. I found this game 3 years ago.. but then I ignored it. 3 years later, this game become popular in my school.. that's why I test this game.. but then I fell in love with Roblox... For those who saying there's ads in this game, maybe their device has viruses.. it happens to my friend too. Full Review

    Sam Beardmore Published date: August 13, 2017

    I love Roblox and so do many others. I've played Roblox for 5 years (check my profile) and do u know what I loved TIX I know you got rid of it ages ago but I loved it. I would log on everyday to get tix it was cool. HOWEVER it's gone and now u have to pay for robux which is fine...but the prices are a bit over the top. I went into the catalog and found HATS for over 170,000 and I checked the store and for like 20,000 robux cost £200 WHAT. so u have to spend over £1000 real cash for a stupid hat 😐😑 it upsets me and tix was great it kept people coming online to get it daily.😉 Full Review

    Published date: August 15, 2017

    LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍... But there is two things.. FIRST ADD TIX BACK IN!! SECOND, Can We Get Like Daily Robux? Or Maybe When We Log Into Our New Account For The First Time We Get Robux Maybe Like 1000? It Would Probably Stop Most Hackers And Free Robux Scams! Thanks For Reading! Bye! Full Review

    team mythic /cgtv Published date: August 12, 2017

    Ok you hit me XD but we (win i say we i mean us)are geting bulled like me but... yeah ppl push me around and i get very grumpy win that happens. But im not a noob lol but when i startid alot of ppl bulled me so when thay tipe i wonder what thay are going to can you make it so when thay tipe you see what thare tipeing.Thx! Full Review

    Published date: August 13, 2017

    It's fun and all but you can't play offline. You also have a hard time with the control's on most games and it's addictive very very addictive people asking people out is just wrong. You get distracted from homework, cleaning up after yourself, paying attention to others, listening to others, people bullying you for absolutely nothing at all, when you report someone it's like your not reporting them at all because nobody will do anything about it it awful but fun you just have to be cautious about who your friends with especially if you don't know them. Be CAUTIOUS!!!! Full Review

    RobloxKidYT Published date: August 11, 2017

    Nice, but can you reduce the cost of the 40 Robux thing? And make it free? But if the players spam too much and the Robux goes over 1K, warn them. If they do it again, another warning! If they do it one last time, banned. Not forever, but 3 days. Full Review

    EthanJamesC Published date: August 13, 2017

    Its a fun game but i cant even play on my phone because it just shows an error every time. Edit: WELL i got another problem now and it is that i cant even LOG IN! I log in for about two seconds and then it says 'Session expired!' I have re installed the app and still broken! Without that fix this app is useless to me so i am rating it one star. Full Review

    Published date: August 12, 2017

    Hey ROBLOX, I need you to read this. From 2016 a massive amount of people quit ROBLOX. Cause of tix removal. Either being tix back or make people earn robux easier. almost everyone has 0 robux and just waste money for just buying robux. Please, make roblox a better place. I know you have seen these type of messages. But please return tix Full Review

    Published date: August 12, 2017

    This is the best game I had ever discovered. This is my 1st ever game I had ever played that I had to download from the app store or google play. I started playing this game at 2013. At school I was so excited to play the game. But it topk 6/7 hours of school and 1hr walk home. And played the game for hours I didnt study. Thats how I love the game and an old player who had played roblox for 4yrs/5yrs Full Review

    Published date: August 16, 2017


    V I O X Y Published date: August 14, 2017

    Roblox was a good game to play... But when you get to know it, it slowly becomes kinda disrespectful and don't take the reports. Teens getting mad over kids playing it. But if you like playing Roblox, I'm not forcing you to not play it. Roblox is a fun game to play and make online friends. Have a good day playing with friends ;) (All of it about Roblox is pretty true) Full Review

    Lillian Cady Published date: August 15, 2017

    The game in itself is awesome, really fun and entertaining. However, I have expeirienced some horrid people, who say and do terrible things. If you would like to make the app better, please improve the chat filter. I would not recommend this app for anyone under the age of 8. Full Review

    Sorea Schmutz Published date: August 13, 2017

    Well, its a great game and all, but there are things that really annoy me. Like, I wake up, play Roblox, play a game, and when I leave the game, it always glitches, and I have to go off. 😤Then, When I want to join a freinds game, it almost NEVER works! Plzzzzzzz fix this, but otherwise its a great game, keep it up! 😁😎😀😋 Full Review

    Gloopa Cream Published date: August 14, 2017

    Its a good app but thats bad in my opinion is you cant get free robux. If you could do missions and earn robux that would be great! And now whenever i try to join a game, it says error. Can't join game. Idk why this happens. Also, when i eventually join the game, everything is grey! Please fix this and i will rate 5 Full Review

    Aware Pixel Gun - Roblox & More Published date: August 14, 2017

    I Gave this Game a Solid 5 ☆ But Once I Was Playing a Game (In Mobile) It Was All Laggy When I Was Looking Arohnd...I couldnt Move or anything! Ever Since I updated this It wasnt Laggy And when I Updated this Right Now Its Much More Laggy? Roblox Please Fix This Im Not Able to Play If this Happens Full Review

    David Foh-Amoaning Published date: August 16, 2017

    I like roblox it is so fun! But can u pls take off the hashtags it's really anoying and also bring back on tix! And roblox make all the robux for £0.99 pls so evreyone can have some robux thank u off u do that😁 Full Review

    Chara Dreemurr Published date: August 11, 2017

    ROBLOX please fix this bug it's been 2 years now and you haven't fixed my bug. I want to play but my screen is glitched and I can't move. If you aren't willing to fix everyone's bugs then I won't give good reviews on YOUR content. If you want to fix it go try. I want this game fixed or your just ruining my life. And what's more? I played your game since 2012 and I want better graphics so I can continue my life playing and being happy! Full Review

    Susan Hayman Published date: August 12, 2017

    I do not like this game it just gets out of it. But it let's my brothers play it buts so unfair my phone is a Alcatel one touch but that dose not mean anything no one do Amy of the other people well I think they do so the games needs to be fixed or there will be a lot more than just me complaining so fix it 😠😡😣😭😫😤we all will end up saying (fix it fix it) Full Review

    David Kotian Published date: August 13, 2017

    I really think we should put the old Avatar Editor. But I really hate the bacon hair average character/model and I wish the default guy was exactly..... Looks like me/ pix3l_stomper and I'm upset that you can't put spaces in names and numbers and random letters that aren't words. The 3D is cheesy! (In a good way) I meant liked the bacon hair Full Review

    Videos By Rainbow Rockerz Published date: August 14, 2017

    I hate the new updates as my character clothes were just colours on the body but now you have to have one solid colour body and if you don't have shirt or pants on then your body is censored! Please change it back to being able to have different coloured body parts and not be censored! Full Review

    Blue Rangiy Published date: August 13, 2017

    It's a great game I like about it it has like 2m games in one games and you can make accounts but can you tell accounts stop bullying guests or noobs. it's not helpful and you know who's bullying you should banned people but I don't like how there's hackers stealing robux from other users it's not nice you should really banners them from the game and you like can play on March 18 because John and Jane are confidential I'm not saying it's bad I play it every day and why do the robux cost so many and there's not much free stuff on the catalog so pls update this If you see this Full Review

    Athena Kilgore Published date: August 12, 2017

    I love the game!amazing graphics but sometimes i lag fix that plz. Also can you add voice chat? If you do if i could i do ten stars. Love the game so much! Also when i am trying to do roleplay mode wont let me. I have roleplay but sends me back to regular roblox . Plz fix. Full Review