Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Wish - Shopping Made Fun

Get fashion, shoes, electronics, kitchen gadgets & more at 50-90% off! 💰

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  • Current Version: 4.9.5
  • Updated: August 7, 2017
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Installs: 100,000,000 - 500,000,000



Over 200 million people use Wish to get trending items for 50-80% cheaper than what you’d pay at your local mall. Join them and get the hottest products at incredible prices delivered directly to your door. Wish is the #1 shopping mall in Europe and North America, allowing you to browse a worldwide selection of trending fashion, accessories, and electronics directly at your fingertips.

Features Include:
Browse through millions of products in your favorite categories
Refine search by Size, Color, and Rating
Shop branded products in Wish Outlet
Deal Dash - Once-a-day extra discount on a select number of items
Hourly Deals - 2 Featured products receive extra discounts every hour!
Access to thousands of trustworthy user reviews & photos
Add items to your Wish List and view them at anytime
Create multiple Wish Lists, such as “Holiday Outfits” or “Android Accessories”
Enter Promo Code in shopping cart before checkout
Easy “slide-to-pay” checkout

Get incredible deals in categories including:

Women’s and Men’s outfit essentials & inspiration
Clothing, shoes, boots, tops, and pants for any occasion
Accessories, including newest styles of watches, wallets, bags, and rings

HOME: garden, outdoor gear, home decor, wallpaper, kitchen…

BEAUTY: makeup, cosmetics, brushes, nail polish, travel bags…

ELECTRONICS: smartphones, phone upgrades, chargers, screen protectors, gadgets…

Refurbished electronics from Apple, LG, Beats by Dre, and more
Clothing from American Apparel, Cole Haan, The Limited, Reebok, Lee, Jordache, and more
Personal Care products from Dove, Secret, Colgate, Gillette, Degree, Vaseline, Every Man Jack, and more


Wish has been named a top shopping app in publications including The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechCrunch, Recode, Wired, and Fortune.

Here’s what our customers are saying about Wish:

“This app has anything you have every wanted to buy online for way less than anywhere else. Amazing deals!”

“Great app for holiday shopping on a dime.”

“I have never had such a pleasant shopping experience as I did with [Wish]. The service is amazing, the products are well-priced and look great; they are high quality as well. I love this website.”

“Before I go out and buy something, I will search through Wish & Mama to see if they have it for a cheaper price. I will never again buy anything without checking these 2 apps first! I love their product and their prices!”

Stores on Wish can ship worldwide!

We have users in the United States, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Netherlands, Finland, Puerto Rico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Chile, Japan, Costa Rica, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Singapore, Ecuador, India, Russia, and many more!

We have language support for English, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Russian, Danish, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Belarusian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Arabic, and Croatian.

Your feedback & suggestions are important to us!
For support inquiries, contact us at 1-800-266-0172 or [email protected]

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4,076,538 total
5 2,792,727 
4 793,560 
3 260,364 
2 70,545 
1 159,342 

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 15, 2017

    Theres been times where i would go and order something thi king that i would get my product. The money is taken out and the next day the proof of my purchse is gone. You honestly have to be really careful and read all the comments. Even if they're good ones because lets face it, the sellers post on their own pages to give themselves good reviews. Its happened to me 3 times with different items and filed complants all 3 times and have not gotten any reply or anything so i feel like me and my boyfriend and his family are done with this app for good. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 8, 2017

    This is the shopping app that i tell everyone about. Convient and the prices are out of this world. Shipping time has been great,always within a few days of estimated delivery time. I absolutely love it. I thought sizing would be tricky to figure out, but so far everything has been right on. Just go by the chart and use alittle common sence and you'll have a perfect fit. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    syndee blackburn Published date: August 14, 2017

    I have so much fun with this app. At first I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Then little packages started to come in the mail. At first I had kind of forgotten about my secret finds, then little by little, they kept coming. When I received all of my shipment, I was a little sad so I tried it again! Still, great prices and now, anxiously awaiting my next order! Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Angel Williams Published date: August 15, 2017

    1st 2 items bought were a watch and a universal USB backup charger. Both work beautifully months later, look great, and were both bought at a great price. Saw the same watch in a store for more than I paid for both items! You have to really shop, though, like with similar apps, to get good quality items. Check all ratings. Read reviews. Read descriptions carefully. Other reviews here mention policies that have since been changed. Just made a 2nd order for 8 items, $20. Will update when they arrive. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Lorraine Moalosi Published date: August 11, 2017

    It seemed too good to be true but it seems very genuine. I have ordered two things that I am currently waiting for. The shipping for some of the items takes ages, about a month but with prices like these you can't really be choosy. Planning on buying more if the goods that I ordered are to my satisfaction Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Tdalia Gow Published date: August 9, 2017

    I like the app love the prices have found some nice finds. Its great for my crafting supplies. However atm I am only giving them 3 stars and that's a bit generous seeing I have yet to actually hold on my hand any of the merchandise i have bought. Nothing I have ordered has been received I track my packages and a fee have been in my city for almost a month. Some just say they've been shipped. Which I am finding very frustrating for a new user. I am hoping that this is just a hiccup because I've found some nice home decor at affordable prices. Wish has a little bit of everything. Please let me get my stuff only thing stopping me from giving this app 5 stars Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 11, 2017

    I never knew shopping is just so easy...Very busy with work s, social life and Family. This is so convenient and so affordable..Can't wait to to receive my order. I also have 3 daughters who are always shopping but never find anything satisfying, so they will see what I get...Sometimes they will fly to Brisbane to shop 😅 Thanks Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    ElegantlyWasted04 Published date: August 12, 2017

    99% reviews rate 5* "item received not tested" so 5 star rating for shipping the Rating is for the item! The customers are either fake or idiots. Cheap rubbish most items. Very fishy ratings n items. Installed reviewed now deleted planet doesn't need useless plastic items! Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Ivy Hutzler Published date: August 15, 2017

    When I order the more expensive stuff, I do NOT get it. They will never give my money back or resend it. It us all up to me to get hassled and try to find out what the post offices r doing. It also takes too long to get most of the stuff, and then I forget if I don't write it down. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 11, 2017

    Haven't received my first orders yet. Just ordered, but like the layout of the shopping, and prices, and simplicity of use. Only thing that would really be nice is if there were not shipping fee 's on each item and just on the order or free shipping would make this the best online shopping !! Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Justin Robinson Published date: August 14, 2017

    Too much hassle and seems sketch. They demanded account information or a photo of my bank statement after I tried to order their "free" gift. Immediately afterword they demanded proof of my identity and locked my account. If i want to use the app I have to jump through hoops like submitting a photo of my banking statement. Sounds sketchy, I've requested my account be deleted. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    becky dover Published date: August 15, 2017

    I love window shopping and this app always tempts me with it's great prices. Mind you, it's not always great quality and the sizing is foreign. It's fun and has all kinds of the entertaining things to look up... whatever your heart's desire (if you can wait 2-3 for shipping). Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    doug mercurio Published date: August 14, 2017

    The app is fine but they sell counterfeit products and refused to stand behind it. The customer service is appalling, I have been jerked around for 4 months over $70 purchase, I actually purchased two of them and they refunded one of them months ago and they're still jerking me around on the other one. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Jose Perez Published date: August 13, 2017

    Can't find what you're looking for, only what they offer you. For example, I searched for PlayStation 4 console, and received hundreds of results, none of which was a console. After scrolling thru 15 minutes of nothing but controllers and skins, I gave up. Tried other searched with same results. If you want to collect junk then this is the place for you. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Ava Jeffery Published date: August 8, 2017

    I love this app. There are.some really great deals, but make sure you double check the description before you purchase. They try to trick you sometimes; refills or cases/cover for a product, not the real product, even though the picture isn't of a refill. So, just be careful, and you can find some great bargins. Shipping does sometimes take several weeks, but you can't really complain for the price! Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    ben sweet Published date: August 11, 2017

    WARNING to new users, read specs and description thoroughly some items may not be as they seem and POSTAGE PRICES aren't added to items price until checkout! which is frustrating when you think your buying$20 worth of stuff just to have $30 post added at checkout so you end up really paying $50. Great app. Great merchandise. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 13, 2017

    I loved the app until the search feature stop giving results. Keywords I used before no longer load related or very little results, when before I was able to see many related things >:( please fix. I cannot buy things I cannot find that were definitely there before. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Ruwifme Published date: August 14, 2017

    Like everything but the impossible order history. With some items arriving in mere days and others 3 months I'd like to be able to filter by received/rated/in transit rather than just order date. I feel like I have to scroll for days to find items sometimes. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Jewel Brava Published date: August 11, 2017

    It's great and all but the customer service needs to be updated. If you call for help it's just an irritating voicemail telling you to send them an email or just go to the apps Q and A which isn't always helpful. Also the people reviewing aren't trustworthy since they're purchase isn't verified and the people are just commenting on how "good" the product looks from the picture. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Tabby Turner Published date: August 15, 2017

    I'm a new user, and this definitely sounds too good to be true. They give you a free item when you first start, some of which look quite expensive, but you still have to pay shipping (I probably just ordered what would have been $98 of *plastic* for $1). I will change the rating once I get my item, but like eBay be careful of long shipping and scams. The prices ARE pretty awesome though. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Xuzuelle Borja Published date: August 11, 2017

    50% OFF YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!! CODE: jjglwnh It's a really great app to save with and it's really easy to use/navigate. Shipping takes a while sometimes depending where you are and where the distributor is but for most of the prices it's worth it. Just make sure to read the reviews, so you know it wont be trash and browse around some more before finally checking out, usually there's more of the same product for cheaper. Also, check out the shipping price, sometimes you can find a free item for cheaper with a lower shipping cost. But that's only if you're a real money pincher, cause its usually just a dollar or two difference usually. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Natalee Amyotte Published date: August 11, 2017

    Buyer BEWARE!! You must carefully read all the fine print **click on the description and thoroughly read it multiple times**. They use pictures that are very misleading that you think you are getting something you're not. I ordered a spring bottom cake pan and it is so small I could maybe cook a quiche for a small child. I thought I was getting a cheesecake size pan like in the photo Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Annabel Pounds Published date: August 14, 2017

    The mass of discount items are fun to scroll through, perhaps a little too entertaining if you don't want to spend a lot of time on your phone. There are also discounts for being decisive (or impulsive) when shopping Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 7, 2017

    Update: The app no longer lets me copy and paste so I can search related items. Great app. Runs smooth. Personalized feed. GREAT ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE!!! Yes, the items are from China, so shipping takes a few weeks. ANYTIME there is a problem with an order such as not arriving by delivery date or not at all, poor quality, wrong size, WHATEVER the reason may be, Wish REFUNDS YOUR MONEY AND YOU KEEP THE ITEM. They have the most awesome Customer Service! I've been happy with almost all of my purchases and continue to shop there. The jewelry is the best by far! Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Manju Lakha Published date: August 9, 2017

    I love shopping from Wish. But i have a question. I ordered my first product from wish, after it got delivered to me i am not able to see same product again as i want to order more. It says "an error occured.." whenever i try to open it from the link in order history. Please help. Thanks. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Janelle Logan Published date: August 15, 2017

    Product takes way too long to receive. I ordered almost a month ago and still have not gotten my order. I know things take time sometimes but this is ridiculous Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Chandan Kumar Published date: August 13, 2017

    Items are good. But I have only debit card so am unable to buy anything. There should be payment option through debit card also. I hope this problem will be shorted out very soon. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Matt Munro Published date: August 10, 2017

    This is by far the BEST shopping app with great prices and even BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE! Any issues that I've had with an order, Wish customer care has taken care of me 100% within 24hrs. I will always buy from this app! Thank you Wish Support! 👍👍 Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Camille Hamilton Published date: August 10, 2017

    The customer service is beyond amazing. When I had a problem with I order I thought maybe this will be the reason I stop ordering everyday from them. Turns out it o my encouraged me because their customer service was SO AMAZING. I have yet to find a problem with wish yet. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Megan Turnbull Published date: August 12, 2017

    Honestly it is awful I only bought a little amount of things such as bracelets and necklesses they was good quality until a day or so later when they broke. I soon bought some clothes that I soon found out were false advertised and they 1 : didn't look anything like the picture 2: didn't even fit I deleted the app after this Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 13, 2017

    What a rip off! I wreckon that all the good reviews were written by the bloke that owns this company. Had to wait almost a month for my goods only to discover that they were all cheap n nasty. DONT SUPPORT THIS COMPANY! My rating 0 out of 10 Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    peter william Published date: August 13, 2017

    The app itself works fine but be warned this app can take data like you'll never believe. It used up 2.99 gigs of data in 3 days by just browsing through the items and i'm always closing the app afterwards but still found my data dropping at a rappid rate. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Patrice Alexander Published date: August 9, 2017

    Well I'm a new comer to this app. My Mova & Sista In Law luv this app. They said they got sum nice finds & I shld tr it out. So here I am. I purchased 2 sterling silver rings & uma stop there until I receive my merchandise. If evythg is ok then I'll keep on shopping. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Kayleigh Gillen Published date: August 9, 2017

    good app easy to use. Some of the stuff is poor quality but you get what you pay for so if you pay $2 for something don't expect it to be $20 material. You do have to wait a bit of time for the stuff to arrive but you should expect that as most of the products are being shipped from China. I think this is a great app. if you don't want to buy an item just yet but you like it you can save it in a list and you can create loads of lists for different products. if your parcel arrives late you can get a refund and sometimes they still continue to send your parcel out or if the items you ordered aren't the same as the picture or don't fit/any problems with anything you can get a refund and still keep the items. their customer service is really good. I recommend using this app :) use this code for 50% off 7stqvqh Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 13, 2017

    I just started using wish, so far things have been easy to figure out. I will be making my first order shortly, if all goes well my rating will go up from a 4 to a 5 Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Bertha Vega Published date: August 12, 2017

    I' think you have a wonderful items that I am trying to buy, but at the time I submit all my banking card info. I get an answer that you having trouble to process the payment. Money is in it what is another way to pay? Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Published date: August 14, 2017

    I love the variety of things that Wish has to offer, especially the unheard of low prices. me, And most of all, you can shop anytime day or night. Their merchandise is origional and fresh. I shop even when I dont have much money because their cart will hold it til the next day. I love Wish. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Eliezer Rivera Published date: August 15, 2017

    I mean, it wont let me put my card on file. And it keeps running the card, Saying I have no money which isn't true. I do have cash, but the transaction wont go through. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Brigid Levi Published date: August 9, 2017

    Can't say now but so far so good, just ordered a mop, will edit when recieved Edit: I was one of those customers Q. Q I didn't read everything. I ordered a mop head XD. Great app, use PayPal to buy things, most people say to order a size bigger. Definitely read dimensions and comments. Full Review

  • Wish - Shopping Made Fun
    Googleplus Is Stupid Published date: August 11, 2017

    Some "saving" are completely fabricated. There was a raspberry pi 3 for supposedly 110 dollars discounted to $45 which is completely fake. I bought my Raspberry at a brick and mortar store for 35 dollars and that's how much it costs everywhere so no way in hell is the pi 3 worth $110. Full Review